58 m2





After the successful opening of its second clinic in Vicálvaro, Logopedia y Más decided to continue growing, once again trusting Umami Design Studio for the interior design of its third clinic, this time located in Ensanche de Vallecas, very close to La Gavia shopping center. 



As in the previous clinics, the format of three consultation and treatment rooms has been maintained, as well as the waiting and reception room. The philosophy and values ​​of Logopedia y Más continue to be the protagonists in the design of this new space.



Lidia: “We want to be together with the families who make this important effort for them. Being close and letting them know that the problems are there to be solved, we want them to feel comfortable and special throughout the treatment process”.



This new clinic is in tune with the previous ones, although it adds new decorative elements that differentiate it. Under the concept of “a road to travel together” that imaginary path is traced that represents the objectives achieved and the effort made to reach the goal.



To be highlighted, a “communication device” has been designed that represents how initially communication can become a mess, prior to treatment. The metal sheet pennants, seen in the previous clinic, mark each of the rooms and represent the gradual progress until the desired objectives are achieved.



In addition, on this occasion we have also had the opportunity to join in the design of the facade. Due to the fact that the exterior space available was very high, it was decided to draw a white stripe on the upper part which, in addition to camouflaging the ventilation ducts, solved this problem. The pink color stands out, a sign of identity of Logopedia y Más, ensuring that the facade doesn’t go unnoticed and is easy to locate.





Photograpy by Martin Garcia.