19 m2




The owners of the clinic, located in Villa de Vallecas, contacted Umami Design Studio to reconfigure their waiting room. They felt children were lacking space and wanted their patients to feel more comfortable.



In the room, customers could find an end table with a coffee maker available to parents. A magazine rack and a water machine were located next to the table. There were two sofas on the opposite side of the room that framed a small table for children and a a few shelves -a hazardous item for them.



The solution was to separate and differentiate the adult area from the children area, expanding and providing greater prominence to the latter. The owners wanted to keep as much of the existing furniture as possible. The locations of the coffee maker area and the children area were swapped, expanding the latter with new tables and chairs suitable for children.



Some drawers on the wall, which contain color pencils and other toys, make the new children area the perfect waiting room. Kids can interact with each other in one place now, while adults have better access to the coffee maker.






Photography by Martín García.