65 m2




This is the second project that Logopedia y Más entrusted Umami Design Studio with. This time, the owners needed help with the layout and furnishing of their new clinic in Vicálvaro, Madrid.



Lidia and Martín told us about their patients and the effort these families made. They wanted their patients to feel comfortable and special; they wanted them to perceive something that set Logopedia y Más apart from other speech therapy clinics; they wanted the time the families spent in Logopedia y Más to feel nice, warm and comfortable.



With the motto “A Path to Be Traveled Together”, we visually defined the path that families walk with speech therapists throughout the treatment process. The path goes through three different rooms until reaching the logo located in the waiting area -the logo serves as the finish line, conveying the idea of success and the end of treatment. Each room is marked with a metallic handmade flag that represents the achieved goals and the effort made to reach them.



This new clinic had to be in tune with the first one, located in Villa de Vallecas. We kept the corporate pink color, but added yellow and blue -they complement and highlight pink. The new colours can be found in furniture textiles and decorative elements -reflecting the feelings that the owners conveyed to Umami Design Studio.






Photography by Martín García.