9 m2



More and more people work from home thanks to teleworking and each profession requires a workspace with different needs. In this office, clients needed a reading corner, since one of them has the task of conducting literary criticism.


The objective is that the space is the origin of the Angolan and Mediterranean roots of the couple. The origin of a new story as it happens when you start reading a new book. And the origin of the home they are starting to build together.



Maintaining the layout of the desk the new reading area is locaated behind it where we find the sofa next to a window, a source of natural light, and to the left a natural wood sideboard where you can store all the books and other materials that want to be hidden.



The lighting for this project comes in four ways. Natural light through the window, general light through the ciling lamp, focal lifht from the floor lamp and then an adjustable and portable light source that we find on the sideboard that serves as a complement to the previous ones according to the needs of the moment.



Umami Design Studio creates a space marked by white and ocher and earth tones and by the use of natural material and textures used in the decorative elements and in the furniture.






Photography by Umami Design Studio.